Rein | Daniel | Ewerth

Three symbols based upon the meaning of my classmate’s name and personality.

Artboard 1@3x copy.png

Shepherd's Ram

Name Meaning

Rein | Daniel | Ewerth

Advice | God is my Judge | Shepherd

Since all 3 of Rein's names are religious in meaning, I decided to play with the idea of a shepherd and advice. I took the face of a sheep, the end of a shepherd's crook, and combined both to create the image of a ram—a bold animal that resembles the personality of Rein. The symbol is encompassed in a rounded triangle so the client is able to rotate it's angle in whichever way he sees fit.

Artboard 9@3x copy.png



Based on the personality of Rein, I created a logo that was shy, yet curious, and a just little bit mischievous. 

Artboard 5@3x-100.jpg

Window of Light


I continued to play with the religious theme for Rein's monogram by making it appear to look like a stained glass window. I used the crossbar of the "e" and the leg of the "R" to create a cross shape. The letter "e" is also in the shape of a pointed arch, as used in many Gothic church windows. I then used bold, yet softly rounded corners to mimic the natural properties of lead used in stained glass windows.