Icons, Symbols, and Logos

Passion Project - 2 hours (each)

Brief: Create with meaning.

* * *


A German blog created and ran by my good friend, @j_rangeler.  Concept includes people, migration, and Fernweh—the longing for far-off places. 

"Shepherd's Ram" 
Client: Rein Daniel Ewerth
Name Meaning: Advice | God is my Judge | Shepherd
Concept: Since all of Rein's 3 names are very religious in meaning, I decided to play with the idea of shepherd and advice. I took the face of a sheep, the end of a shepherd's crook, and combined both to create the image of a ram—a bold animal that resembles the personality of Rein. The symbol is encompassed in a rounded triangle so the client is able to rotate it's angle in whichever way he pleases.

"Mischievous Fox" 
Based on the personality of a classmate named Rien, I created a logo that was curious, shy, and a just little bit mischevious. 

"Sign Bubble"
Being culturally Deaf means sharing the beliefs, values, traditions, moral attitudes, manners, and ways of the Deaf community. One belief that is found within Deafhood is communicating through American Sign Language.