I set out to exemplify Floriano's as the family-orientated, hard-working, small-town gem that it is.


Current Logo.

 Previous Logo.

Previous Logo.

Floriano's previous logo was difficult to read. The main challenge I had was to incorporate both green and red in the logo without making the colors vibrate next to each other. 

The reoccurring story of "Floriano's" sounding like a foreign way to say "flowers" helped me define the shape of their latest identity. Floriano's also happens to be located in Lompoc, dubbed "The City of Arts and Flowers." The soft, roundness of Cubano's typeface made it easy for me to imagine the adobe missionaries located all around the Central Coast. The scripture for "Floriano's" itself was influenced by my love of hand-crafted typography.

PRESS: Floriano's wins final Economic Vitality Award due to it's social media presence in 2014.