Nearby and Friends Feed Redesign

Personal Project - 24 hours

Brief: Redesign the "Nearby" and "Friends" feed of a platform that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses (HINT: it rhymes with "Help").

* * *

I quickly interviewed a few people around the CCA campus and asked them to walk me through what they thought the interface did for them. I asked them to think out loud and describe what they thought each element on the screen did for them.

Below, you will see some of the reoccurring things they said about their experience with Yelp's "nearby" and "friends" feed. The most common question was, "What is considered, 'nearby'?" I was also surprised to find Yelp's interface not utilizing its icons as a form of identifying and categorizing what each business is. I then designed a quick mock-up using Sketch to answer their questions and concerns.